Why this site?

With this site I aim to provide a platform for people who are interested in historical, technical and social aspects of veteran Triumph motorcycles. The focus is on 4- stroke machines with Triumph’s own engine. The idea is to create a digital scrap book, full of photographs, press cuttings and notes from the early 1900s till today.

For a full year-by-year history I can recommend Peter Cornelius’ “The Facts” on 1901-1915 Triumphs ( see Peter’s site on the links page ), sales catalogues and remanufactured spares are available through veterantriumph.co.uk. Yesterdays regularly have veteran Triumph machines for sale.

Please share your opinions, knowledge, photos and press cuttings with other enthusiasts on veterantriumph.com !

Survivors’ photos please in 300 dpi and with frame# /engine #/assembly date.

Ruud van Bijnen

last update March 10th, 2023

latest additions: see Survivors 1905, Scrapbook 1909, Scrapbook 1912, Scrapbook 1913

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